Madonna col Bambino e i santi Sebastiano e Margherita

The “Virgin and Child with Saints Sebastian and Margherita” (Ferrara, Pinacoteca Nazionale) was executed by Garofalo between the first and second decade of 16th Century for the high altar in the church of Santa Margherita, nearby Valcesura, where Este owned one of their delizia (villas). In the middle it emerges the Virgin with the blessing Child; behind them there is a torrent, symbol of purity. On the left it stands St. Sebastian, portrayed with martyrdom signs, while on the right we recognize Saint Margherita, for the presence of the defeated dragon at her feet. Critics recognize Boccaccino and Costa's influences, mostly in the pleasant shapes and faces, while in the use of colours and tones is more evident the influx of Giorgione.


Copyrighted image: "Under concession of the Ministry of Cultural Activities, Heritage and Tourism – heritage of Fine Arts and Landscape of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Ferrara”.




Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo.

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