Madonna col Bambino e i Santi Lazzaro e Giobbe

The  “Virgin and Child with Saints Lazarus and Job” (Argenta, Pinacoteca Civica) is an altarpiece of 1513, originally kept in the church called “Celletta” in Argenta, Ferrara. Along with the Virgin and Child, two Saints, recognized as Job and Lazarus. The last one is not Lazarus of Bethany, brother to Mary, since the protagonist of the parable the rich man Epulone (Italian for banquetter), who became patron saint of leprous. In the analysis of style, critics do recognize the influence of Raphael on Garofalo: this work would mark his definitive transition to Modernism.


Copyrighted image: “Sergio Signani; Municipality of Agenta, Ferrara”.




Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo.

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