Sala di Psiche

The “Sala di Amore e Psiche” (Cupid & Psyche room, Mantua, Palazzo Te) is one of the most magnificent rooms in Palazzo Te, frescoed by Giulio Romano in Mantua. The artist was inspired by the Latin text of the Metamorphoses by Apuleius, in which the author relates passion, love and rivalries between humans and gods. In the choice of the theme, critics found a parallelism with the private life of the commissioner, Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, who was in love with Isabella Boschetti, a married woman that wasn't approved by his mother, Isabella Este.

In this cycle of frescoes, painted between 1526 and 1528, Giulio Romano shows his great art experience, not only in mastering different techniques, but also in creating his own innovative style, so far from Raphael school.


Copyrighted image: “Under concession of State Archive of Mantua”.




Giulio Romano.

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