Annunciazione (1505-1510)

Almost certainly, “The Annunciation” (Venice, Cini Foundation) used to be an altarpiece, probably located in Mantua, among Saint Christopher nuns; Garofalo painted it between 1505 and 1510, when he was also working on the frescoes for the Sala del Tesoro (Treasure Hall) in Palazzo Costabili. As stated by critics, the refined setting of this announcement recalls Costabili's features, while the attention for realism, especially for the little objects inside the piece of furniture in the foreground, is a clear allusion to Domenico Panetti. The landscape on the left evokes Giorgione and Venetian painting.


Copyrighted photo: “Venice, Giorgio Cini Foundation, Matteo De Fina”.





Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo.

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